Olho Selvagem (Wild Eye) presents cycle of exhibitions at deCurators gallery Brasília

deCurators invites you to the opening of No men in the world, on Saturday 12th January at 20h30. Curated by Kabe Rodríguez, the exhibition features works by Agripinna Manhattan, Alla Soub, Bia Leite, Danna Lua Irigaray, Laura Fraiz-Grijalba, Maria Eugênia Matricardi and Romulo Barros.

No men in the world is the second exhibition of the Olho Selvagem (Wild Eye) cycle, which occurs in deCurators from December 2018 to March 2019. Idealised by Mariana Destro, the cycle is dedicated to the decentralisation of female-identifying narratives. The wild eye purges the traditional domination of the male gaze and reorients the significance of feminine: women gazing women.

deCurators will open our doors for twelve months straight for the first time ever.  Click here to follow Wild eye's events.

In addition to the exhibitions there'll be also performances and occupations by young female-identifying artists happening throughout the cycle. Find out more information via decurator's instagram.



Consolo (dildo), by Manoela Morgado and Mariana Destro, from December 15th to January 4th (passed)

Nenhum homem no mundo (no men in the world), curated by Kabe Rodríguez, from January 12th to February 3th

Frank, by Bia Leite, from February 16th to March 8th.



CLN 412 Bloco C Loja 12,

Brasília, Brazil

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