New Book News From Sarah J. Coleman AKA Inkymole!

‘Out To Get You’, 13 Stories of Weirdness and Woe - the new book from Sarah J Coleman

Sarah J. Coleman aka Inkymole has just announced her new book, 'Out To Get You’. Pre-order your copy and find out how you can participate in her amazing competition! Check out her post below to find out more about the book, and how you can get involved.

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So chums...'OUT TO GET YOU' is coming! 🎃✊🏽🎃 Mine and @justjoshallen’s book of horror stories will *finally* be here September 3rd - and I’m launching a campaign that could land some proper spooky SWAG in your letterbox. Don't snooze on it though - ONLY the first 50 people to do this will get the swag!

Here’s what to do: - Order your copy of 'Out To Get You' via any of the bookshops listed in the comments.
(You can send proof of ordering to secure your place in the swag queue!) - Once you’ve received it, post a picture on 'your favourite social media platform' of you holding the book and email a link to that post, or a screenshot, to 👻👻 🕷And as if by witchcraft you shall receive…

1. Author Josh's new short story, titled “Lumpy, Lumpy,” signed by Josh. Sent in an eerie little booklet with new art by me. This story has never been seen anywhere, ever!

2. A signed, archival-quality print of one of the book's illustrations

3. A limited-edition nickel and enamel pin ‘eyeball' badge designed by me, perfect to stick on a backpack, jumper or woolly hat on a chilly Autumn morning! *and*


This campaign is mine and Josh’s way of saying THANK YOU for supporting our book. Forgive our excitement, we’ve both been so eager to get this out to the world.

NOTE: When you email your social media link to, be sure to include your postal address!! 🎃BONUS POINTS if you tag me, Josh, or Holiday House Books in the post 🎃
Twitter: / JustJoshAllen, @inkymole, @HolidayHouseBks

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Facebook / Inkymole, Holiday House Books For Young People

You lot are the best. (Especially if you read patiently all the way to the bottom of this post!) 📓Read extracts from the book and reviews at

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