Sophie Wallace


Sophie Wallace an artist and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. She has a passion for creating little detailed works that express her imagination.

Seeking to capture a certain naivety within her art, her current themes include unique animal species, identity, history, abstract collages and curious creatures.

She uses a variety of traditional mediums such as collage, gauche, watercolour, ink, acrylic and installation. Sophie experiments with her artistic areas of strength, and is constantly challenging her own artistic skill.

Navigating life with a sketchbook and pen in hand she notes ideas and sketches in her visual diary. This begins her research process which then moves into the experimentation of her preferred medium. Colour, spacial harmony and balance are all important elements within her art. Sophie favours vibrant cheery colours, pinks and yellows being dominant in many of her works. Often collage is then applied to enhance the finished work. It is a delicate balance between the overall narrative of the work and the visual harmony.

As a child Sophie would have her own table set up with many art and craft materials and would sit there for hours drawing and making things; little worlds out of pipe cleaners, pompoms and play dough. 

Sophie uses her art process as more of an enjoyable meditative activity, making works that inspire and are full of wonderment and fascination.


Instagram: @snowbearz