Rodrigo Foca aka Rodrigo Eustachio


Rodrigo Foca, aka Rodrigo Eustachio, is a self-taught artist. He spent part of his childhood running through the halls of Maurício de Sousa studios in Brazil, accompanying his mother who worked there. Rodrigo met several amazing artists and fell in love with hand-drawn animation.

Rodrigo started his professional life in São Paulo, Brazil, as a freelancer illustrator and web art director for Organox SA.

In 2001 he moved to Campinas, state of São Paulo, to set up a design studio focusing on educational comic books. Rodrigo uses cartoons to speak about youth-related issues, such as sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and employment. He created a new range of teen characters for a comic book focusing on AIDS prevention, which was published for a nation wide audience under the title AIDS, the Invisible Enemy.

As of 2005, Rodrigo has been an exclusive contributor to GettyImages. His envolvement with GettyImages is responsible for a huge international distribution of his editorial and advertising illustrations, with over 16,000 sales worldwide.

Rodrigo has worked for the Canadian post-production company iMarion and the QFX Animation and Effects, in São Paulo. He debuted in audiovisual productions as VFX head of design in the documentary The Beasts of the Bible, a project for the Discovery Channel / Animal Planet, by AP – Associated Producers, from Toronto, Canada.

Rodrigo recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation at Full Sail University and is working with Brazilian investment funds to develop animated shows for children’s entertainment in the United States.

In 2014 Rodrigo also received an honorary mention at the International Design Awards for his “Women” illustrations.


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