Ollie Brown


Illustrator, avid traveller and nice guy are the best ways to describe me. My joint passion for illustration and travel fit perfectly with one another. I like to go against the status quo of sitting at a desk and being anchored to a seat. With my trusty iPad Pro and Apple Pencil I am able to work from anywhere, utilising both a sketchbook and the power of digital illustration tools to create my work. My style is bold, contemporary and filled with colour. I aim to make an impression with the pieces I create, adding humour and emotion where I can. I have high standards for my work, my work ethic is to love what you do, work hard, play hard, be reliable and enjoy life. 

I am a member of the Association of Illustrators and have featured at the London Book Fair. Please feel free to contact me for commissions, bespoke projects of all sizes or just to say hello!


Website: olliebrownillustration.com
Email: hello@olliebrownillustration.com
Instagram: @olliebrownillustration
Facebook: @olliebrownillustration
Twitter: @obillustration