Montse Noguera Muntadas


Montse Noguera was born in a village in Catalonia named Prats de Lluçanès and lives and works in Barcelona. Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, designer, illustrator and teacher at the High School of Art and Design Llotja in Barcelona.

Montse Noguera is the author of books on digital illustration in vector, for some years she wrote 14 books on drawing applications.

One of the most relevant features of Montse Noguera’s work is the capacity for expression she has developed in illustration in vector. In this specialty she has developed innovative working and teaching methodologies that she has been able to bring to her personal work and her teaching work in the Llotja school as in other universities, conducting courses and workshops on vector expression.

Montse Noguera’s illustration has varied records and styles, and has been selected to be present in various yearbooks or selections of contemporary illustrators.


FACEBOOK: /MontseNogueraIllustration
TWITTER: @montsenoguera