Marcos Raya Delgado


Marcos is concept artist, art director and mentor who hates the cold, which is why he lives in Mallorca, Spain. is where Marcos teaches, shares and sells his knowledge of drawing, personal experiences and merchandise. Millions of visitors have participated in the adventure of learning to be creative and have enjoyed his multimedia content. Hundreds of thousands of Spanish-speaking fans follow Marcos’ work on social media.

Marcos fuses traditional and digital media to come up with a range of very personal styles. He is proficient in key line art, realistic colour rendering as wel as 3D modeling or sculpting depending on what any given commission requires. “Creativity can be applied to any media”, says Marcos.

His inner child gets a huge kick out of medieval fantasy, Sci-fi, superheroes and other nerdy stuff but the adult Marcos is very capable of putting his personal touch on any project, offering original and creative solutions for his clients. 

When he isn’t drawing or teaching you can find him on a beach thinking about his next big idea and about how to make each step in his live as enjoyable as possible. 


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