Linda Su


Linda Su is a Taiwanese illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s of Digital Media from the University of New South Wales, she has focused her attention on creating something that she is passionate about: children’s digital and paper games. Her professional development and work experiences have provided her many new opportunities including some projects with the Public Television Service in Taiwan where she creates digital and paper games for the Fruity Pie Children’s Television Show.

Linda considers herself very fortunate to work in a profession where she can be creative and channel her youthful spirit. Playing computer games and completing game books were some of her favourite pastimes as a child, and now she is able to pass along these unique and imaginative experiences to other children.

Her artistic philosophy has always been to “live with a true and playful heart”, and she showcases this through her ability to provide interactive experiences to her audiences. With games such as mazes, object locating, drawing and colouring, sticker pasting, dot-matching and Do-It-Yourself activities, she aims to challenge, inspire and spark creativity in others. 

Aside from illustrations and games, Linda enjoys doing all types of crafts, especially making her own unique pop-up cards. Her creativity is fueled by reading and travelling. She has lived in both Taiwan and Australia, has travelled to many other countries, and she thrives on experiencing other cultures and studying new ideas.


Instagram: @lindasucreative
Facebook: /lindasucreative