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capsules Book PROVIDE FREE RESOURCES TO help businesses connect with new illustrators, designers and visual artists.

WE make it easy to find the perfect creative for your brief.

Industry leading agencies, brands and consumer businesses use our directories as a reference to find new artists to fulfil a range of marketing, promotional, packaging and decorative needs.


If you’re seeking to fill a specific design brief please get in touch, we would love to help.

Capsules Book create beautiful publications and are an excellent resource for locating new, high calibre creatives.
— Jennifer Ivory, 
General Manager, UK, Warner Bros. Records

our premium business network

We distribute our publications free of charge to a range of global companies who find real value in our directories to quickly and easily locate high calibre, professional creatives.

If you need help with a particular brief, we’re always here to help.

We have recently started working with the team at Capsules and are thrilled with the results. The standard of their creative network is quite simply outstanding. Capsules is now a preferred source for connecting with creatives for Bookmark (a global WPP agency). Highly recommend.
— Natasha Jackson, 
Chief Strategy Officer, Bookmark (WPP)

We were totally blown away by the quality and scale of the publication.
It is seriously awesome. 
— Brenton Cannizzaro, 
Business and Strategy Director, Avenue Design, Australia


meet the creatives

We are proud to work with some of the best illustrators, artists and typographers in the industry.

Our network of creatives features artists who have worked with some of the biggest brands and projects in the world, such as Sarah J. Coleman, who illustrated the first cover of American Playboy in 20 years and Len Smith, who designed ‘Toontown’ in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.

Our creative community also includes some of the most exciting emerging talent. With our diverse network of creatives from around the world, you can be sure that we can introduce you to the perfect freelancer for your next project.

© Sarah J Coleman

© Sarah J Coleman

Incredible to have so many creatives and illustrators literally at our fingertips to consider for our artists.
— Guillermo Ramos, 
Marketing Director, Island Records
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We are very proud to support literacy charity, Book Aid International by donating 100% of profits from our physical book sales. As book lovers ourselves, it’s an honour for us to be able to support a charity who promotes literacy. Read our interview with Book Aid International and find out more about their work here.


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