Eva Boel Hebenstreit aka “Efer” is a graduate of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She has also furthered her studies in surface design at the College of Communication  located in London. 

After completing her studies in 2012 she began work as a freelance illustrator with a focus on children’s book illustration. Her first book, titled Hirschuhnhase & Badewannenpirat to her surprise, won both the annual Austrian children’s literature award and the 2015 German Design Award in the category of books and calendars.

Since the success of Efer’s first book, her career has been on an upwards trajectory.
She has gained an enviable list of clients, most of them based in Austria and Germany. Efer has been steadily producing illustrative works for various magazines, design and advertising studios, book publishers and FMCG companies. Recently Efer was commissioned to illustrate the packaging for an entire product family for Austrian based supermarket chain Merkur Markt. 

“If I were to describe my style, I would say that I am a detailed pattern fanatic and a single line lover all at once. I enjoy drawing multiple patterns and details as much as creating an entire image with just one or two strong outlines”. It is the interplay of these two totally different methods of working that make Efer’s work dynamic and recognisable.


Website: eferboel.com
Email: me@eferboel.com
Instagram: @eferboel
Facebook: /eferboel