Danny Schlitz


Danny Schlitz is a graphic designer and illustrator from the Beautiful Pacific Northwest, North America. With over two decades of creative industry experience, Danny has produced work for top tier brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Honda and many more. His commercial work has been seen in Times Square, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Dubai and other notable locations.

Danny gained formal education in visual communications at the Art Institute of Seattle, and, according to Danny, also “the school of hard knocks”.  Danny proclaims that “I have always strived to learn and experience new challenges. If I ever stops growing, I might cease to exist”.

His style of art varies but can often be described as digital or vector art with a strong graphic sensibility. When he is in-between client work Danny loves to make more personal art for himself, his family and friends. He enjoys creating detailed, mechanical animals and forms from his surroundings in the Northwest. 

Danny resides near a lake in Washington State with his lovely bride and 4 curious children.


Website: dannyschlitz.com 
Email: info@dannyschlitz.com
Instagram: @danny_schlitz
Facebook: /SchlitzART/
Twitter: @DannySchlitz