Claire de Moulor


Claire de Moulor is a French textile designer, illustrator and creator-decorator of porcelain. She acquired her skills whilst studying in Paris. 

Claire’s vivid imagination that she has developed and projects in her work is greatly influenced by the forest which borded her native village. The forest was densely populated by animals with which she has a great love and connection for. Claire’s work is also influenced by nature, her childhood memories and her love of the universe.
These influences have become an invaluable treasure and a creative resource in her
life and have allowed her to work with a large array of materials, styles, techniques
and designs.

“When I work in black and white, I tell stories reflecting my sensitive world. I give life to the decorative details and the expressive lines. I really love the feeling of freedom I get from my quill on the porcelain. My style is unique. With my hand drawings I aim to bring a supplement of my soul, poetry and the energy around me to constantly generate ideas.
I place a strong emphasis on the individual consumer and the experience that a product will bring to them”.