Anthony Jones aka AYJAY is known for his colourful style of vector imagery presented both digitally and in street art form.  Anthony’s passion for street art has led him to create vibrant, pop art style representations of his chosen subjects, using abstract shape and colour. 

His creative process involves a strong element of graphic design and photography, in his hunt for raw and authentic subjects as the basis of his artistic practice. 

Ayjay’s mission is to create artwork that exposes the spiritual essence of his subject matter and reveal unspoken truths through the viewing of it. 

His focus and passion for art are driven by presenting his work in a nonconventional manner, to get the viewer to actively think about what he or she is seeing.

Ayjay’s sites are currently set on large scale mural projects and dream like public installations and exhibitions. 


Website: ayjayart.com
Email: info@ayjayart.com
Instagram: @Ayjayart
Facebook: @Ayjayart