Annelise Scripps LaFlamme


Annelise is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Class of 2016, with a BFA in Painting who has had a lifelong interest in art, drawing, and science. Both humor and horror are present in her work; she is inspired by the idea that things are never as they seem.  Her mother would tell her, “stop looking so closely at your food or you won’t want to eat it anymore,” while she investigated and dissected seeds and skins. She is fascinated by the mind’s ability to provide order to an otherwise chaotic existence, like believing in the present without considering it’s impermanence, or the fact that the material world is a composition of ancient stardust, or that we can make our own decisions even though we are a host to trillions of independently driven microorganisms. She aims at illustrating this dichotomy betweenidentity and perception.  


Instagram: @annelise_laflamme