Alexandra Alzieu (Allaxel) 


My name is Alexandra Alzieu, my art pseudonym is Allaxel.

I was born in 1988 in the south of France and I have been drawing since my youth.
In 2008, I moved to Paris to study art and graphic design, and in 2010 I received my bachelor degree in graphic design from LISAA, a college of applied arts. I continued to further my studies an also obtained a masters degree in art direction. 

Since then I have been working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, particulary within industries such as fashion, cosmetics and children’s book publishing.

I like bold and colorful artwork that is rich in detail. I have an accute observational eye. I am always inspired by the great masters and oriental art. I will always live in Paris, I love this city, I never get bored of it. Art, nature and people inspire me. It is an important part of my work. 


Instagram: @allaxel
Facebook: @Allaxel1
Twitter: @Allaxel_AA