Akiko Kato


Akiko Kato is a Japanese illustrator currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
Within her work she depicts anthropomorphized animals and other fanciful characters in quirky imaginary settings, employing a tender aesthetic in her telling of curious tales. Kato’s careful watercolor and gouache renderings of mellow tones add a sweetness to her illustrations. She is inspired by kitsch and outlandish drawings from the Victorian Era, and adores medieval manuscript art featuring alchemy, demons, and beasts. Kato is currently experimenting with new mediums in her study of 18th century French caricature.

Kato obtained her BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York City. After working for several years as a professional textile print designer, she put on her first solo exhibition in 2007. Soon after this she received an illustration assignment from The New Yorker, and has since contributed to the magazine over thirty times.
Kato continues to draw on commission and participate in gallery shows. 



Website: akikokato.com
Email: akiko@akikokato.com
Instagram: @akikokatoart
Twitter: @AkikoKatoArt