William Barlett


Will Bartlett is a London raised designer specialising in illustration, collage, print layout, packaging design, and most other forms of print and digital graphic design. He started as a sculptor but soon realised communicating design is what interested him most with its ability to not only grab the publics attention but in some cases highlight social issues. Growing up in the punk scene gave him an appreciation of the collage aesthetic which tremendously influenced his later work in both substance and style. Looking at the innovations and radical styles associated with punk he learnt much of which was borrowed from previous styles and worked to incorporate the work of earlier, 1950’s artists. After completing his BA in Design Communication from Chelsea UAL he has been working freelance for various design studios and private clients from John Lewis & Hugo Boss to gig posters & theatre productions. He also hates talking about himself in the third person. 


Website: pwsbartlett.com
Email: pwsbartlett@gmail.com