Wayne Howarth


Artist and illustrator Wayne Howarth is son to the influential and prolific British comic book artist Walt Howarth.

"I like to think of my style as an impressionistic form of photo realism, capturing elements of photography/cinematography such as depth of field and close cropping images. Rather than staying away from the notion of using photography in drawing, I believe in embracing the technology we have available to us to create more interesting and dynamic works of art."

Although Wayne at times works digitally, he primarily uses traditional media such as graphite, acrylics, watercolour and occasionally gold or copper leaf to produce his artworks.

Wayne currently lives and runs his creative practice in North West, England. 


Website: waynehowarthillustration.com 
Email: waynehowarth2710@sky.com
Instagram: @waynehowarth
Facebook: Wayne Howarth Illustration