Vera Mota is a graphic designer and illustrator from Porto, Portugal. 

Her biggest love is illustration and her major crush is kids illustrated books. She intends to use her surroundings as inspiration, remembering the importance of falling in love with our everyday life. That’s why she leans toward a work playing with several combinations of colors and patterns. 

Graduated from ESAD (University of Arts and Design) with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Multimedia and Post Graduation in Graphic Design, Vera has 5 years of experience working at design agencies and also as a freelancer. Currently living in Duisburg, Germany, for a year now she has been working more focused on advertising, branding and doing illustrations and infographics for magazines. 

In order to provoke positive feelings with her work, the same is driven by making a strong visual impact by combining different styles and techniques as a way to follow an idea with the objective to clarifying the content of
each project. 

Vera believes the key to success is to keep trying, keep exploring the world, keep dreaming and let be inspire by others and life in general. 



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Instagram: @madebyveramota