Veii Rehanne Martinez


Veii Rehanne Martinez was born and raised at Tarlac, Philippines on October 1995. She got her Certificate in Fine Arts at University of the Philippines Baguio in 2015 and after a year, she got her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts Major in Visual Arts on the same University. During her stay in the University, she was able to showcase her mixed media artworks through exhibitions in and out of school along with her fellow artists. She was able to hold a group exhibit in her hometown at Tarlac City after her graduation in Bachelors degree. She is currently a Graphic Artist and Illustrator at CoLauncher. She currently lives in her hometown and enjoys what she does everyday. Her artworks are influenced by the beauty of women and enjoys illustrating for children’s stories. She likes to keep her illustrations simple and use soft pastel colors as her color palette. She was able to produce three children’s story book as her bachelor’s thesis tackling origins of the Cordilleran Culture in the Philippines.



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