Tyler McNair


Tyler McNair is a digital and traditional artist located outside the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA, who has worked as an Art Director for the past 3 years. His work across all mediums has street like characteristics with an emphasis on line, shape, color, and movement.  Much of his personal work incorporates animals, nature, pollution, and raw materials such as wood and metal.  Much of this work also integrates underlying political, social, and emotional reactions to the world around us.

Tyler finds vector art to be extremely rewarding in that logic and math can be applied to shapes that are either meticulously or sporadically created to achieve the desired appearance.  Line, shape, and color work together to simplify light and let our brains fill in the blank.  Efficiency and organization are key components to this process being successful.

With a strong work ethic and a passion to create, he spends each day immersed in art and design in order to broaden his abilities.  He enjoys finding inspiration in all aspects of life and creating eye-catching artwork that tells a story.  He is constantly looking for opportunities to work and learn with other artists and designers to find his true fit in the world of design.  He studied digital art and animation with Rasmussen College and is continuing his education in web and interactive design in order to further his capabilities and understanding of modern design.  

His end goal is to work with a group of like-minded artists and designers that strive to use their skills and education to better each other and the world around them with work that provokes reaction and understanding.  



Email Address: tyler.r.mcnair@gmail.com

Website: tylermcnair.com

Facebook: /tyler.r.mcnair