Tracy Ning


Tracy Ning is largely a self taught illustrator-creative based in Canberra, Australia. She specialises in stylized mixed media artworks produced with an array of techniques and mediums ranging from drawing, spray painting, photography and simple 3D rendering. Although an illustrator at heart Ning’s current body of work is of a conceptual and experimental nature that focuses more on aesthetics and the heavier reliance on digital technology to produce them, such as glitch art. As varied as her tools may require her to be, Ning in her simplest form is a girl who loves to draw with a black pen and look up porn magazines for collage inspirations.

Ning is inspired by creatives including Sarah Vane Howell, Azuma Makoto, Arn Gyssel, Apollonia Saintclair, Tanino Liberatore and Kervin Brisseaux. 



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Instagram: @engie_engiengie