Alvin Locic


Place of birth: Melbourne.

Currently living in: Melbourne.

Train, bus, bike, or other: Bike... Unless you offer me a Ferrari.

What’s the most important object in your studio? My bobble-headed Batman. He just sits there and admires my work, with the occasional nodding.

Paper or plastic? Look at me now, look at me now... I’m getting paper. 

Favourite project you have produced so far? Tough one. I did especially enjoy working for The Keystone though as they gave me absolutely no boundaries on design and were open to all of my ideas and suggestions.

What are you working on right now? There are quite a few projects actually. One of them is an international large-scale organisation. Stay tuned for that.

Favourite food? Give me a burger... Any burger.

Coffee or tea? My day hasn’t begun without an extra strong black coffee... or ten.

What’s your earliest creative memory? Back in the 90’s when my mum rocked the perms, I always drew her with what would look like a giant bird’s nest on her head. She loved my so-called “art” and would put them up on the fridge. They’re even kept in a photo album to this day.

How do you prefer to spend your mornings? If I’m meeting deadlines or have came up with some brilliant ideas, I would be wide awake and working – because I hadn’t even gone to bed yet. 



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