Tahlia Jade Pearce


Tahlia Pearce, was born with a cataract in her right eye, later receiving an artificial lens, despite the challenges this possessed, she actively pursued the avenues of illustration, as having been influenced by the Disney films she grew up with the works of Hayao Miyazaki, and many other traditional and contemporary artists and animations; which helped to inspire her to challenge her abilities and move forward with her art practice.

Having no formal educational studies or training in regards to art apart from that taught in high school, she is now undergoing study at the University of Technology Sydney for a Bachelor of Design in Animation. This has already led her to participate with a group from university in Vivid 2016, the most recent of her three exhibited works, the second being an animation at the annual Beams Festival in 2015, and the first a gallery exhibition for Central Visions 2013, consisting of three illustrations on plastic plates. 

Tahlia has always believed in passion to be a main driving force for creative outlets, as well as constantly having a pen and paper on hand to relinquish her artistic interests when inspiration strikes. Through adversity and despite her disability she likes to showcase detail in her works, to overcome the boundaries of her right eyes abilities. Often favouring the traditional media of black and white, she likes to accomplish high levels of detail in small spaces, and prefers the traditional approach of pencil and paper in her artistic practice. Tahlia hopes to achieve a higher level of style, depth and detail in her work as she moves forward with her artistic career. And to one day create an animation that becomes distinguishable to her form. 



Email Address: Tahlia.pearce28@gmail.com

Instagram: @tahlia.pearce28