Szilard Szanto


Szilard Szanto is a fine art experimenter. His experiments are about demonstrating that there is transition between the different mediums of fine art. As an exchange student he studied at the University of Central England in Birmingham, UK. It was here he became interested in mixed media art. After he earned his Masters Degree in fine art at the University of Art and Design in
Cluj-Napoca, Romania, he started to work as a set designer. In his scenic designs he created “drawings in space” by bending, and twisting wire. These works can be considered as independent pieces of art. During this period of time he constructed “paintings” on illuminated painted glass walls, which evoke the theatrical space. At present, he is experimenting with redefining the medium of vectors by demonstrating that there can be a “painting atmosphere” created on a computer monitor. For Szilard, there is no difference between artistic tools: even if he has much experience in painting on canvas, in his vector works he wanted to demonstrate that digital art, vector art can also be a perfect way to realize a kind of expressionist painting. Within his vector works he does not want to imitate the texture of brush strokes, nor to copy a photo to realize a photorealistic vector. He started from a very simple idea: without the contamination of colours and brush strokes, the art work is a coloured drawing and not a painting. His vector artworks achieve the desired painting effect by partly overlapping colour transparencies of different intensity.



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