Sylvanus Korku Wemakor


Growing up in a small town in Accra, Ghana, Sylvanus ‘Sylva’ Wemakor was never really exposed to the arts. However, at a very young age he developed a unique eye for colour and design.

Throughout high school, a career in creative design seemed inevitable, entering university in 2009 to graduate with a degree in BA Communication Design.

Sylva initially went into college wanting to become a fashion designer but as he progressed further, he became open to many other paths and careers such as concept art, illustration, painting and graphic design. Being open to different art forms has given him a broad perspective on the arts allowing him to mix different art forms together to create new styles and unique works of art.

Sylva regularly creates bespoke graphic designs and paintings ranging from corporate to personal. Sylva says of his work, ‘The culture and traditions I grew up around are some of the main influences that inspire my work today.’

Sylva hopes to further his educational pursuits someday and forge a successful career in design.



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Instagram: @sylva_wems