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Susse was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is half Scottish, half Danish. Although raised in Scotland she had a very Scandinavian upbringing which hasinfluences her design work today. Growing up Susse was surrounded by creativity. School holidays were spent helping out at her father’s architectural practice, and her aunt’s silver smithing workshop and store.  Another aunt was a portrait painter, and Susse loved visiting her studio and the smell of oil paint when she was a little girl. Both her mum and Danish grandmother really encouraged her to draw, paint and sew. All her Danish relatives were always knitting sewing or making something. She was constantly making things as a child. 

Susse studied a BA hons degree in Printed textiles at Edinburgh College of Art, and then studied for a Postgraduate research diploma in textiles at Winchester School of art. 

Susse ended up moving to London to freelance for various textile studios in London and around the world. She met her husband in London in 1998, and he encouraged Susse to set up her handbag collection, Susse Collection. She would make all the bags by hand and sell them to department stores and design boutiques around the world. Her biggest market was in Japan; I visited Japan several times and worked on special commissioned projects for Japanese department stores Mitsukoshi, Daimaru and brands such as Shiseido. In 2005 my husband and I moved to Sydney Australia, and there I started selling my bags online. Following the birth of her son in Australia,she moved back to London in 2010, where she now concentrates on creating surface patterns and illustration for all kinds of products. 

Travelling and living in a great city like London is so inspiring. Susse feels lucky; As she can just hop on a bus to some of the world’s’ greatest museums and galleries. Susse lives in a neighbourhood that is very vibrant and alive, and lives close to the hip neighbourhoods of Shoreditch and Brick Lane, so all the stores and the people watching can keep her inspired to keep creating. 

Susse would describe her illustration work as fun, cute, joyful, colourful and uplifting.

Her starting point is making artwork in sketchbooks. She likes to make pieces by hand first. Loves collaging and painting. Then Susse works digitally with the computer by scanning my her work and bringing them into Illustrator or photoshop to create the finished design. There are always references to nature in her work as she loves to use animals and plants to tell her stories.

Susse’s illustration work is targeted at decorative products, editorial and picture books. Her work has been published on several design blogs, magazines and books.

Includingdesign books Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity and Print and Pattern book Geometrics.



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