Stephan Schmitz


Stephan Schmitz was born in the Dominican Republic in 1983 to a German father and a Swiss mother and spent his childhood in Asuncion, Paraguay.

He studied Illustration at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and currently works in Zürich for clients all over the world. 

Stephan has an incredible ability to tell a story through a single image. 
His multidimensional pieces often have more to them than what immediately meets the eye. Give his images a close look because his use of smart concepts makes him extremely popular in editorial and advertising sectors.

Stephan’s work has been recognised by the 3x3 Magazine of contemporary Illustration, the Association of Illustrators and the Society of Illustrators. Lürzer’s Archive names him as one of the 200 best Illustrators of 2016/2017 worldwide.


Instagram: @schmitz_illustration
Facebook: /schmitzillustration