Stefanos Birmpotsoukis


Stefanos is the owner and sole operator of stoikos studio, an independent, creatively led agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their consumers. The ambition, objective or characteristic spirit of stoikos studio is best summarised by a quality phrase from Edward Tufte: “Simple design, intense content.”

Stefanos grew up in Greece, lived and was further educated in Germany, and has studied Visual Communication in Scotland - he learned 5 languages and speaks English, German and Greek fluently.

The role of expression through visual media in the modern world is essential. We are inundated by information in visual form, which is evidently better retained. Images are representations of both experiences and possibilities. Stefanos holds them to be a reflection of the deeper self, of the expression of the ‘imagination’ and its projection to the outside. 

As visual media is a major factor in the shaping of our culture, both consciously and subconsciously, Stefanos feels compelled to contribute to its value. He views art as a strong instrument of cultural and personal formation and ever wish to develop his aptitude in it. 



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Instagram: @stoikos_studio

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