Stef Rymenants



Stef Rymenants attended art school at the age of 15 and later went on to obtain a masters degree in graphic design and illustration at KASK, Ghent.

“After completing my studies, I worked for several years as an art director in advertising and I was always impressed by the work of the illustrators I liaised with. I soon realised that drawing and illustrating was the direction I wanted to pursue for my career. However, it did take me several years to make the decision to leave my career in art direction and pursue illustration in a full-time capacity.

Everything around me can lead to inspiration. A magazine, an old man on the street with a dog, a girl on a bicycle, birds in the garden or a cat in front of a window. I always carry a sketchbook with me to capture my ideas when inspiration strikes. If I really can’t concentrate, I walk to the city for a coffee. Watching and drawing people can really boost my creativity. And if that doesn’t help, I take a small nap.”