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Illustrator and graphic designer Tatiana Anor was born in Tula, Russia. It was here that she undertook formal training receiving a Bachelor of Graphic Design and Illustration. She now resides in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina (US).

Tatiana’s works are predominantly produced via engraving and etching. “I use my Wacom tablet often, however, I prefer to use traditional media for my drawing. Pencil, ink and white paper inspire me as well as the great Durer’s engravings and virtuous Arthur Rackham’s illustrations”. Tatiana produces work for a diverse range of clients. Notably her illustration ‘Baptism of Fire’ was recently commissioned for ‘The Witcher’ book series by Andrzej Sapkowski.

“I hope you will enjoy my illustrations.”


Instagram: @justanor
Facebook: @justanorart
Twitter: @TanyaAnor