Shaun Oakley AKA Damn Vandal


My Name is Shaun Oakley also known as Damn Vandal. Born in Durban, South Africa. I’m 29 Years old with a BA Degree in Visual Communications and a 15 year background in Graffiti and illustration. I’m currently sponsored by POSCA South Africa and have worked with brands such as Unilever, National Geographic, TBWA, Redbull, Mr Price, SAB and many more agencies. I’ve also worked along side brands such as Outdoor Life Magazine (USA), No Cure Magazine (AUS), and Harper Collins (USA). I’ve hosted 2 individual solo exhibitions in 2 different cities, painted over 1000 walls, painted more than several custom paint jobs on high end cars including a Lamborghini. Success and nothing less.



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Twitter: @iheartalies

Instagram: @thatdamnvandal

Facebook: /DamnVandal