Sharmeen Sayed Dafedar


Sharmeen Sayed Dafedar is a practicing Architect, Sketch Artist and Illustrator, and a home cook. Her interests have been in architectural history sketching, Indian architecture sketching and book and movie Illustrations. She started sketching as a kid by getting inspired by her elder brother. Currently she finds pen sketching as her forte and her bent has been towards black and white sketches but she believes that art mediums differ with topic, subject and purpose.

She strongly thinks that sketching aids in learning and cognition in architecture and other disciplines of study and has researched and published an article on the same. She encourages her students and people to pick up threads of a drawing system and to bring back the sketchbook and journal investigations. She focuses on art and paintings that have tremendous power to convey ideas and change perspectives and outlooks, she hopes to do so herself through her art. In addition she is currently an Assistant Professor at Rizvi College of Architecture in Mumbai.



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