Serafin Pazdera


Illustrator and artist Serafin Pazdera grew up in Basel, Switzerland and in the Engadin, a beautiful valley in the Swiss alps. In 2008 he completed a degree in Scientific Illustration at the Zurich University of the Arts. Since graduating, Serafin has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for several creative and advertising agencies and has recently established his own company.

“By becoming a scientific illustrator I turned my enthusiasm for nature into my profession. I love mountains, the sea and landscapes, including the wildlife within them, both big and small. I have a consuming passion for details and use various techniques from classic analogue media to digital methods of drawing to achieve this.

I live near Basel with my wife and my three children. In my spare time, I enjoy working as a craftsman or cooking for my family and friends. I find my balance in gardening, fly fishing and Ultimate Frisbee."


Instagram: @kreuzundquerbasel
Facebook: @kreuzundquerbasel
Twitter: @serafinpazdera