Santiago Rodriguez Arevalo


I was born and raised in Morelia, Mexico. It’s a small, but historical city. Growing up, I was  surrounded by many museums, parks and culturally significant landmarks. I’ve always liked drawing and I have been telling my stories via illustration since I was a little kid, even though no one could understand my early sketches.

I went on to study graphic design, it is a career that has given me the opportunity to work and develop a variety of skillsets in creative disciplines I had not considered pursuing previously. However, illustration is still my favourite discipline to work in.

I have worked in an advertising agency, culture secretary state, and a digital editorial specialised in educational books. At the same time I have continued to take on freelance illustration jobs and have collaborated on projects with friends and other members of my local creative community.

I believe there is a path for each one of us and it’s a whole life of learning, but in the process we have to be responsible for putting passion in our works, sending the right messages and taking care of our environment." 

- Santiago Rodriguez Arevalo


INSTAGRAM: @santosvalo89