Annemarie Buchner


The following are the most ernest thoughts of Annemarie Buchner, an artist living out her passions in a small sleepy suburb in Pretoria, South Africa. Here she lives with her fiancé and their lovely pup Behemoth.

Annemarie Buchner cites many influences on her art, such as her first art teacher Lynette Schuld, who inspired Annemarie’s use of vivid colours which are enticing to look at. Another major influence was the work done by artist John Dyer Baizley - this got Annemarie interested in the world of promotional art for musicians and festivals, something she has taken part in enthusiastically ever since.

After her secondary schooling, Annemarie obtained a BA degree in visual communication, majoring in illustration, from the Open Window Institute in Centurion, South Africa. Other than her formal schooling and later studies, her training was done on an autodidact principle, with very strong self discipline to do whatever is necessary to improve her abilities.

 There is a very strict leaning toward non-consumerism in Annemarie’s work, specifically in regards to explaining her works to the viewer. Miss Buchner refuses to spoon feed her admirers or critics with explanations, rather stating that there is not one true meaning in an artwork, but everyone’s own interpretation thereof. She of course holds her own personal connection to every artwork, but it is to her just that: personal.

As Miss Buchner works mostly in digital format (when not painting or making use of other mediums), she maintains that the most integral technique in her art is her use of vibrant colours. This is something that can be seen throughout her works on various mediums, and strongly suggests that her style is specifically connected to a myriad of rainbow-esque palettes.

The main goal Annemarie has in mind is to create striking imagery that leaves the viewer in a state of awe. Due to either the use of fantastic colours or the peculiarity of a specific piece, Annemarie would like users to feel challenged and not as if they have “seen this before”. Also, she would like her art to eventually be her main support, so she can focus more of her time on what she truly loves. 



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