Sally Macdonald


Born in South West London in 1992, Sally Macdonald studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University taking with her a first class degree. It wasn’t until finishing education that Sally began to focus primarily on illustration and she has been tailoring her unique style ever since. 

Sally has a diverse and enchanting repertoire of imagery, her illustrations take the form of the weird and wonderful characters dreamt up in her colourful imagination as well as traditional animal subjects. A fan of putting pen straight to paper, her work is authentic and captures the innermost workings of her creative thought while embodying a child-like nature. Macdonald uses fineliner pens and a sketchbook, choosing to illustrate in the studio at the top of her house.  

She has exhibited work at a number of different local galleries and exhibitions around Sheffield during her education and in her professional life, largely choosing to not plan ahead and rather preferring to work spontaneously, the ethic carried over in most of her work. She is currently living in Sheffield and working on writing and illustrating a children’s book, as well as spending most of her free time illustrating anything and everything that comes to mind.



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