Safa Husain


In my artwork I’ve merged a portrait of a Syrian girl with a tree familiar in Syria, the pinus brutia. The tree represents her nationality as well as her personality. 

The artist Aneta Ivanovo has influenced my artwork. She takes photographs to make double exposure photos in the digital dark room, resulting in entwined portraits and natural forms.

I think what makes a portrait meaningful is to master the eyes. For pencil drawings I like start off with a mechanical HB pencil and then to layer with one grade of pencil at a time. I blend out the layer with cotton wool and then using a kneaded rubber bring out the highlights. Then repeat the process but gradually getting darker until I’m happy with it. 

For pieces with lines and mark making I think it’s very important to make sure your lines aren’t wobbly but straight.

What I’d like to accomplish with my art is the ability to draw whatever I see, think, or imagine in a realistic manner.



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