Roy Howarth


Roy was born and raised in Sydney, Australia from parents of Australian and Indonesian heritage, and has lived in Sydney all his life.  He has a keen sense of Australian culture, and takes an equally keen interest in overseas culture and its influence on fashion. Roy graduated from TAFE Sydney Institute’s Fashion Design Studio, in Fashion Design, Industry Practise and Fashion Illustration in 2012.  Over the past few years, Roy had been a regular front & back-of-house volunteer at Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week and other fashion events in Sydney.

Influenced by the distinctive styles of notable fashion illustrators such as Jason Brooks, Megan & Kerrie Hess and David Downton, Roy has spent the past few years developing his individual style to set himself apart from others in the field, hence the birth of OneLine Illustrations. Roy believes fashion illustration is a key area where he can play an ongoing part in the fashion industry, where his artistic skills and talents can be best utilised.

Armed with a natural artistic flair and a keen eye for colour, Roy is a firm believer in fashion as an art form, which illustration can capture as much, if not more effectively than photography can. 

Initially practising by hand with a variety of media, including gouache, heavy pencil, charcoal and Pantone markers, Roy recognises the importance of digital technology to illustration, and makes use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to lend vibrant colours and backgrounds to hand-drawn concepts. 

It is Roy’s intention to serve the fashion industry through commissions for illustrations for a variety of fashion styles that need that individual touch.



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