Rosalyn Fenton


Rosalyn is an illustrator and storyteller from South East England, currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. With a background in animation and storytelling she works both traditionally and digitally with the intention to always portray a sense of narrative.

Her inspirations consist of traditional folk tales and fables. Along with the over saturated illustrations that were present in Ladybird books of the 1970’s.

Having worked both in house at animation studios on client-based projects and at home as a freelancer for private clients, as well as a publishing house the area of her expertise ranges from writer to illustrator to storyboarder. 

Rosalyn likes to be involved in creative projects and regularly contributes to online projects collaborating with artists around the world.

‘Little Arthur and the Big Moon’, is a personal project currently in process which she intends to publish as a children’s book both written and illustrated by herself.



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Twitter: @Rosalyn_Fenton 

Instagram: @rjfenton