Rips 1


Linus von Moos a.k.a. Rips1, is a Swiss artist and illustrator whose portfolio includes murals, paintings as well as a range of digital works. Linus started his artistic career as a graffiti artist. He was introduced to graffiti via his involvement with breakdancing. Linus undertook an apprenticeship as a decorative designer, which simultaneously also lead him to working as a graphic designer. Since 2012, Linus has been working as a graphic designer largely focusing his energy on producing large-scale murals as well as commissioned artworks for a vast range of clients.

The inspiration for his work comes from his extensive travels throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. “For me, an important part of my travels is that I can leave my artwork in the places I have been. For instance, I painted many murals in Nepal in connection with the Viva Con Agua charity.”

Rips1 frequently produces illustrations for products and merchandising within the fashion, action sports and beverage industries. He also regularly produces identity designs for bands and large-scale events.


Instagram: @rips1