Richard Naudin


Richard Naudin is a Houston, Texas native, currently living in the NYC area. He has been a creative professional for over 25 years working in advertising and marketing. However, in recent years his focus has been more on art than career. Freelancing led to rediscovering drawing as therapy, and in turn to the realization that he is an artist first. Digital illustration and vector art are his passion. His influences include but are not limited to; Fisher Price toys, Keith Haring, Anime, Tokidoki, Hello Kitty and Mark Ryden. His aesthetic is cute with an edge, a sense of humor. “I like to take something adorable and give it a twist, like petting a kitten that suddenly bites you.” Along with an online store, he is working on a street wear brand to bring his characters to a wider audience. While he touches on certain themes in his work, Richard simply wants his art to give his viewers the same feeling of joy he gets in creating it. “I want to create as long as I’m challenged and inspired by other artists and the sweet, terrible world we live in. I won’t ever stop, I’ll simply die.”  



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