Ricardo Muñoz


Born in Quito, Ecuador, Ricardo Munoz is an advertising creative and an illustrator based in New York City. Throughout his career, Ricardo has developed his passion for illustration alongside his other creative interests. His curiosity led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design in his hometown, study traditional Japanese brush painting in Osaka, Japan, and obtain an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons in New York. He is also an alumnus of the first Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin, Germany which resulted in the formation of The Eggplant Collective, a group of artists brought together by their mutual love of character design. His multicultural experiences have influenced his point of view and visual sensibilities and have allowed him to collaborate with many talented people that constantly inspire him.

Being both an Advertising Art Director and an Illustrator, Ricardo feels comfortable defining a creative idea first and adapting his style and tools in a way that serves the story. He rarely sees illustration as isolated visual pieces and prefers to imagine encapsulating worlds for each project. His preferred medium is digital and it ranges from vector illustration to digital painting, with the addition of animation when the idea requires it. His current projects have a special focus on playful narrative and
quirky characters.

Lately, Ricardo has discovered a special interest in education and in tandem to his professional work, he currently teaches Vector Imaging and Design Concepts at Miami Ad School in New York.



Website: munozricardo.com
Email: munoz.ricardo@gmail.com
Instagram: @yajerus