Rhiannon Archard


Rhiannon Archard is an illustrator currently working from her studio in Kent. Born in Zambia and raised in Wales, Rhiannon grew up with a sense of
adventure and a lust for travel. Much of her work is influenced by her insatiable wanderlust and this is reflected in her picture book, ‘Whatever Happened to Percy Fawcett?’ which was conceived during her Master’s Degree in Illustration. 

Rhiannon is a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn, highly detailed
work/designs. She prefers drawing with traditional media: pencil, pen, paint or an etching needle using paper, canvas or metal. During the last few years she has been mixing traditional methods with digital adding colour to
her drawings. 

Rhiannon has enjoyed illustrating her book and is keen to pursue further illustration for publications. However, she also wishes to explore other areas of illustration such as those for advertising and packaging. 



Email Address: rhi.illustration@gmail.com

Website: rhiannonarchard.co.uk

FACEBOOK: /Rhiannonarchardillustration 

Instagram: @rhi_illo