Pola Lisowicz


Pola Lisowicz is a multidisciplinary creator currently located in Vejle, Denmark where she devotes her days to designing graphics for LEGO products and nights to her personal projects (don’t ask how much caffeine she gets everyday to keep this thing running). 

Pola finished Multimedia Design and Communication faculty in Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark where she got to develop her very first branding projects. Working on these, was something that triggered her biggest passion for logo design and minimal thinking which she keeps on developing continuously.   

Talking about logo design - the greatest inspiration she finds in her predecessors – Polish graphic designers ( like Karol Sliwka or Stefan Solik ) with whose designs she grew up being unconsciously surrounded by. Strong minimal style used by the above-mentioned is something what she is always pleased with and is also something what she tries to implement into her own work.

Pola believes in a lifelong learning process and that’s what she tries to stick to on her everyday basis. To her, world is an unlimited source of inspiration and she always keeps on exploring it, hoping to get as much out of it as possible - whether it lies within nature, everyday experiences or anything, even as simple as stickers found on a wall by which she’s passing by.

“Creative guilt” is something that bugs her mind, every time when she doesn’t get to create or learn anything new during a day.   

And her biggest wish? To create meaningful designs which will make people stop and wonder. Something that will make them forget about the present for a while, something that they will remember. 



Email Address:  pola@fauxfox.dk

Website: fauxfox.dk

Twitter: @lisowiczp

Facebook: lisowiczp