THE BEST contemporary illustrators worldwide

Pictoria is a visual survey of contemporary commercial and self initiated illustration projects from some of the best practicing illustrators worldwide. Pictoria is scheduled to be published in December 2017. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with publication details.



When will Pictoria be published?
Pictoria will go to print in December of 2017.

How many artists will be participating in Pictoria? 
There will be 80-100+ artists participating in the publication.

What are the dimensions of the publication?
The publication is 8.5x11 inches.

As a participating artist will I retain the copyright to my works submitted for publication?
Yes, you retain all intellectual property rights to your original works. We can offer an artist agreement outlining this should you participate.

Will the publication be a hard or soft cover book?
Pictoria will be a hardcover publication.

If I am a participating artist will I receive a copy of the publication?
Yes, all participating artists will receive a copy of the hardcover publication along with an accompanying eBook and online artist profile.

Where will Pictoria be distributed?
Pictoria will be distributed predominately throughout Australia.