Spela Rojc


Špela is a Ljubljana based illustrator and graphic designer. She considers herself a “dreamer” with almost too much imagination to handle! Her work is usually inspired by the flora and fauna of her environment and random humorous events in everyday life.

Špela completed Art Gymnasium in Ljubljana and is currently completing her study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

Her artistic philosophy is to experiment a lot, explore all facets of life, and to continue to change your environment as a way to refresh your creativity and imagination. Most of all she recommends to not be afraid but to be weird.

Her works usually consist of a combination of ink and watercolour. They may also include markers, acrylic and a range of digital imaging techniques.

“I want viewers of my work to share in the inspiration that energises me from the everyday beauty of nature. I also like to include a healthy dose of humour to my work. Why should life be so serious?”



Email Address: rojc.spela@gmail.com

Website: spela-rojc.allyou.net

FACEBOOK: /spela.rojc 

Instagram: @_kofetk_