"Whilst undertaking my BA degree at London College of Fashion in Fashion Textiles, I have been trained how to design fashion textiles through print, knit and embroidery construction, with an emphasis on both traditional craft methods and digital technology. Specialising in embroidery, I was surrounded by an excellent range of embroidery machines, including laser cutting and engraving machines. These have truly developed my interest in experimenting and exploring the possibilities of making textiles and delving into the world of mixed media.

Since graduating, I have had many opportunities to put my skills into practice and learned from experiences to further pursue my ambition. I recently worked as an assistant fashion editor in Marie Claire Taiwan, and also a freelance styling assistant at Condé Nast Taiwan. 

Even outside of the working environment, I never stop creating. As a textile designer, I like to work in an interdisciplinary way. I have collaborated with talents from various fields, such as designing textiles for fashion, creating illustrations/graphics with 3D tactility, making set designs for film and photography etc.. I also had the opportunity to showcase my designs at various exhibitions, from pop-up markets to international art fairs. Juggling between two different lives is not easy, but these experiences have not only sharpened my competitive edge, but also opened my eyes to the possibilities within textiles, and the power of the collaboration.


INSTAGRAM: @pepperchilee