“Hi I’m Peachmunkey and I like to create uniqueness. I’m a Happa—that is, half Japanese and part Mexican and German. I draw a lot of influence from my mixed heritage and combine it with my love of history to develop my distinctive style. Growing up in Japan, Hawaii and around southern California has heavily shaped my creativeness. My reverence for the imagination that created the warrior classes of the past has seeped into my artwork—a style that sees all animate and inanimate objects as individual reflections of artistic perfection.  

My parents have, and are, instrumental in supporting my creativity. I’ve been drawing since I was around two or three. My earliest memories are of scribbling on anything I could get my hands on. Like other artists, I cannot deny the influence from cartoons like Yugioh, Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, and older Disney animations. However, as an autodidactic learner, I was never really comfortable copying the styles of others, so I obsessed with developing a style that people could recognise as being Peachmunkey. 

My experience with formal art education in college was disappointing as I quickly realised the professors were more concerned with developing admirers than encouraging imagination, innovation and creativeness. Fortunately, I realised my style was being hindered by being forced into a box where imagination was not valued. Interestingly, since then I have consulted graduate students and professionals on developing their artwork and businesses. 

I’ve learned the most from self-exploration, experience and from the support of fellow artists and friends. It is important to give an especially big Thank You to my colleagues @Choppywings and @Caitwards. They are the best professors I’ve had! 

I’ve worked with many great clients and have had the joy of creating art for products such as clothing, pins, posters, album covers, coins, book covers, stickers, shoes and more. With five years as professional freelance work behind me, I continue to refine my technique and skill set as the horizon I see is full of opportunities. I consider any day I draw as a successful day.” 

Create Obsessively!




Instagram: @peachmunkey