Pablo Gomez was born in 1990 in a small town of Argentina, called Haedo, in Buenos Aires city. He grow up influenced by a family of graphics printers that gave him a passion for graphic arts since he was a little child.

At the age of eighteen he decided to start his graphic design career at the university of Buenos Aires. But he really found the love for design in 2010 when he took his first typography class.

His first steps were under the pseudonym “P’Blogom”. He worked with local stores, designing identity, editorial and visual design works. These jobs gave him the self-confidence to keep working as freelancer and developing his skills.

Now he works as graphic designer for a company of sports wear called Sportline and in his free time he continues working freelance as well.

He uses varied themes in his artworks. France, football and music are his favorite concepts. He loves editorial and web design works.

His style is based on organic illustrations, color combinations, and the use of modern typography. 



Email Address: pblogom@gmail.com




Twitter: @pblogom

Instagram: @pblogom

Facebook: /pblogom